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Why AmaWaterways?

There are so many River Cruise companies it can be very confusing to know which one to go with. Is it worth going for the most expensive? Will you get the best experience if you choose this option? Or will you have just as good an experience if you choose a cheaper option? Should you play safe and go for the middle in price option? So many questions, so much time spent comparing means you can easily get a headache.

We at Suitcase Travel know exactly how you feel. Our team have spent many hours researching and comparing each River Cruise company to see who is the best one. Luckily, we all love a River Cruise holiday so to help with us deciding, each team member has managed to experience a few different companies.

After all this research, we have one obvious winner – AmaWaterways. Their price is extremely fair for what you get included. To get a true experience, and create unforgettable memories from a River Cruise, there are two key elements. The first is simply to relax. You should never get bored on a River Cruise holiday and should feel totally relaxed when you get home. The second key element of a River Cruise is all about experiencing each destination you visit to the fullest. This means more than just doing the traditional tourist things but also going that extra mile so you get to experience much more.

These two key elements are where AmaWaterways shine. You can see how AmaWaterways have kept these elements as a focus throughout your River Cruise holiday and we have summarised them below in five simple examples for you. You will then see why the only River Cruise company that you should travel with is AmaWaterways and book with us at Suitcase Travel.

1. The Quality

The quality you get from a River Cruise holiday with AmaWaterways is exceptional yet has a laid-back feel to it. There are no strict rules or dress codes so even though it is a five-star experience, you do not need to act any differently to how you normally would. The staff on board are such high quality that they do not feel like staff but in fact become your friends. They are there to make you feel as relaxed as possible whilst having a great time.

Each of AmaWaterways ships are beautifully designed making you feel like you are staying somewhere special but also very comfortable. There are less cabins on board meaning fewer passengers. This then enhances your experience by giving you more room in your cabin, more room in the dining room and so a better service as the waiters can dedicate more time to you personally and more space to relax in the bar and lounge. Finally, it means fewer people on the excursions so having smaller groups giving you a better experience. The quality shines throughout.

2. The Excursions

What we love the most about the excursions that AmaWaterways offer is how they go that bit further so you get the full experience. There are no short cuts being taken. For example, on their Bordeaux itinerary, you get the chance to walk around an old fortress and we know for sure that AmaWaterways are the only River Cruise company that take you around the whole place, even going down to the moat. It is something small yet makes a huge impact on your day as how often do you get to go down under an old fortress and stand in the middle of the moat?

They ensure that everyone can enjoy their excursions to how they want to. All the excursions that they offer are included. There are no other optional excursions that you need to pay extra for. You also do not need to pre-book any of these. You can see how you feel on the day to decide what you would like to do enhancing the relaxation aspect of your holiday. If you have some mobility issues and need to take things at a slower pace, that is not a problem! Each excursion has an option for you that happens no matter how many people are joining that group. If it is just you, it will still go ahead. If you like to cycle, there are bikes on board with plenty of excursions that you can enjoy on a bike, and yes this comes at no extra cost.

3. The Food

When talking about the merits of AmaWaterways, we can’t forget the onboard food onboard. All we can say is wow! AmaWaterways was inducted into La Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, a prestigious international gastronomic society dedicated to fine cuisine. Therefore, we can guarantee that it is the best food out of all the River Cruise companies.

Breakfast and Lunch are buffet but with lunch there is also an A La Carte option. When we travel with AmaWaterways, we often mix and match the lunch types as we want to eat it all. Dinner is A La Carte with plenty of options for you to choose from. All the food is inspired from the areas that you are visiting again enhancing your experience of being at the heart of where you are visiting.

Our favourite part of the food experience with AmaWaterways is the Chef’s Table. Here, the kitchen becomes part of the experience as you can see the chefs cook up a multi-course meal for you and small group of people. This costs no extra and every guest has the opportunity to take part in this during their holiday.

4. The Cabins

The cabins on board AmaWaterways are some of the largest available in the market. This not only means you get more room in your cabin but as there are less people on board, there is more room in the restaurant and the bar/lounge area.

However, we do need to talk about the cabins themselves as they do help to enhance your relaxing experience. The majority of cabins in their fleet come with two balconies. You have a traditional French balcony and an outside balcony. No matter what the weather, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the views as you cruise along the river in between each destination.  

You also get unlimited Wi-Fi with no extra charge in your cabins as well as many other amenities. You have a TV that comes with English tv, movie and music channels and air conditioning. Our favourite parts of the cabins (apart from the balconies) are the amazing showers and the comfy bath robes. The best way to unwind after the day’s exploring before tucking into dinner.

5. Award-Winning

It is not just us who believe that AmaWaterways are the best River Cruise company as they have won a whole host of awards. They are often voted not just by an expert panel of judges but also by the general public. What we think is their biggest achievement is that many of their ships are in the Top 10 River Cruise Ships in the Berlitz River Cruise Guide and they tend to be the recommended River Cruise company by Berlitz too.

To see all the awards that they have won, simply click here.

Have we got you interested?

There are 2021 and 2022 River Cruises available to book now. Whether you are looking for to travel this summer or next year or enjoy a Christmas River Cruise or even venture further afield such as Asia along the Mekong River or in Egypt along the River Nile, it is worth looking now as we are finding they are selling quickly. People are treating themselves to this special holiday for getting through these last months and we believe you should too.

For more information and check the latest availability, call us on 01582 349480 and also have a look at the website by clicking here.







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