Walking & Cycling Holidays

A Walking or Cycling holiday offer an unforgettable experience that will make lasting memories.

You do not have to be a super keen walker or cyclist to enjoy such a holiday. If you are more of a person who likes to have a ride at the weekend and so want something at a gentler pace, there is an itinerary that will be right for you.

Gentle or super keen – an Itinerary to suit all levels

There are trips available all over the world that we can help organise for you. You have the choice between independent exploring on a self-guided trip or a guided trip in a small group led by an experience guide.

Independent or small group guided – Suitcase will help find the best that suits you.

Suitcase Travel work with several tour operators and travel organisers and are in a good position to help advise on what is best for you and will offer suggestions as well as advice on what you may have found. What we will not be doing is pushing a particular product onto you as our interest is find the right holiday for you. Our service is free and will book any holidays at the same price as it would be direct – so please talk to us and we can both share our findings.

Some Inspiration

You will find below just a few ideas to start to whet your appetite …. browse them or simply make a no obligation enquiry.

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Explore our sample itineraries or contact us here for a tailormade quote

A Selection of Our Itineraries

Cycling Cambodia - Cambodia Discover the real Cambodia on this 10 day cycling adventure that will see you pedal through some of the land's most rural and scenic landscapes. Starting off in the historic capital of Phnom Penh, ...
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Prices from £1,099
Cycling In Bhutan - Bhutan Bicycles and Bhutan are a perfect fit. The tiny remote mystical Kingdom of Bhutan is probably the most culturally rich of all the Himalayan Kingdoms and is one of the most inaccessible. Tucked away...
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Prices from £4,349
Cycling In Greece - Greece When it comes to history, archeology and mythology, the Peloponnese is arguably the most interesting part of Greece. Our week of cycling is a journey through fascinating classical history and a sup...
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Prices from £1,199
Cycling In Sicily - Italy Sicily is not only the biggest island in the Mediterranean but also one of the most fascinating, thanks to the incredibly diverse heritage left here by past civilizations including the Phoenecians...
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Prices from £1,179
Cycling The Cape & Winelands - South Africa Renowned as one of the most beautiful places on Earth, Cape Town and its surroundings provide a stunning backdrop for this tour. Our unique circular route allows us to take in the fantastic sights ...
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Prices from £1,949
Cycling The Italian And Swiss Lakes - Italy The Italian lakes of Como and Maggiore are famed for both their spectacular scenery and their well-heeled residents. The rich and famous clearly have good taste as the scenery here is simply wonder...
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Cycling The Lake District Of Chile & Argentina - Argentina Discover a beautiful and fertile land at the northern gateway to Patagonia - a magical landscape filled with active volcanoes, turquoise rivers, gigantic lakes and ancient native forests. See Andea...
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Prices from £2,399
Cycling Through Rajasthan - India Rajasthan has landscapes varying from green rolling hills to barren deserts. The whole state is dotted with dramatic fortresses and the countryside is a patchwork of villages and towns where we see...
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Prices from £1,449
Dolomites Centre-based Cycling - Italy Savour the dramatic mountain scenery of the Dolomites, while avoiding the need to ride up any long climbs. We explore the beautiful valleys of the Alta Pusteria on two wheels, visiting Brunico, Lak...
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Iceland Walking Explorer - Iceland This full-circuit trekking itinerary includes five of the best walking areas in Iceland. We start in Thorsmork Valley exploring the new craters from the eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano, be...
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Prices from £3,999
Self-guided Cycling In Portugal: Mountains To The Sea - Portugal In the far north of Portugal, on the border with Spain, lies the Minho region: a wild, rugged area of historical and cultural significance. Starting from the Geres National Park, you cycle downhill...
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Self-guided Cycling On The Danube: Passau To Vienna - Austria Follow the curves and bends of the Danube as it flows through steep-sided valleys and wide riverside woods towards beautiful Vienna. The densely wooded slopes and ravine forests help to create the ...
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Snowshoeing & Winter Walking In Bosnia - Bosnia & Herzegovina Bosnia is the perfect place for a winter adventure and where better to start than in Sarajevo, the host city of the 1984 Winter Olympics. The wild and remote mountain ranges surrounding Bosnia's ca...
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Walking In Cappadocia - Turkey Turkey has long been underrated as a trekking destination, but with the fairytale rock formations of Cappadocia to enchant its visitors it should not be overlooked. This unique landscape was formed...
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Prices from £699
Walking In The Azores - Portugal It is hard to believe that the Azores are part of Europe. Born from the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean, this lush green archipelago of volcanic islands is a far cry from its mainland government of...
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Prices from £1,549
Walking Piedmont and the Barolo Wine Region - Italy Get those legs moving across the ridiculously scenic Italian region of Piedmont on this five-day hiking adventure. Starting and ending in Turin, conquer the Alps as you make your way through vineyards...
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Prices from £764
Walking The Island Of La Palma - Spain The entire island of La Palma (known as the Pretty Isle) was classed as a Biosphere Reserve back in 2002, and is home to over 900 endemic species. This walking trip takes in the incredibly diverse ...
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Zimbabwe Walking & Wildlife - Zimbabwe In the east, ridges rise up towards high plateaus broken by gorges and valleys beneath towering peaks. South of here great ruins stand testament to a bygone civilisation that once ruled this land. ...
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Prices from £2,699