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The Classic Roundtrip Voyage & Flam Bergen Railway + Oslo – 15 Days

Make more of this classic Hurtigruten voyage and add a stay in Oslo before taking the magical train journey across to Bergen including the famous scenic Flam Railway. Spend 2 night in the capital city of Norway before embarking on a train journey that will take you through some amazing scenery passing by waterfalls and gazing across fjords. The spectacular Flam railway runs between Myrdal and Flam in Norway. It is one of the most popular rail journeys in the world due to the combination of its steep gradient and wonderful scenery.

Flam Bergen Railway - Norway

Gateway to the Fjords

Your journey of discovery starts in the capital Oslo before exploring Norway in its fullest beauty. You will be exploring the breath-taking beauty of Norway by train and boat and you will get to see more of the country than you could ever by car or train alone. Discover fjords, mountains, islands and waterfalls that will take your breath away

  • Visit the sights of Oslo
  • See the best of internal Norway by train and travel on the Iconic Flam Railway.
  • Explore a different side of Norway by sea.
  • Cross the Arctic Circle and enjoy around the clock daylight under the Midnight Sun in summer
  • Take part in adventurous and exciting land and sea excursions
  • Learn from our experienced Hurtigruten guides as they lead lectures and activities both at sea and on shore

Day 1: Day 1 - Oslo

Oslo, Norway - city scape

Fly UK to Oslo with 2 night stay in a 4 star hotel

Day 2: Day 2 - Oslo

Oslo, Norway - King House

Full day exploring Oslo

Day 3: Day 3 - Oslo to Bergen

Take the first part of the train journey to Bergen. When arrive in Myrdal change trains for the line down to Flam. Stay in Flam for 1 night.

Day 4: Day 4 - Bergen

Time in Port: 14:30 - 21.30

Flam Bergen railway - Norway

Take the Flam railway back up to Myrdal to connect with your onward train to Bergen. Once arriving in Bergen make your way to the Hurtigruten terminus and embark your ship for next 12 days.

The Fjords Await

This amazing voyage starts from the lovely city of Bergen. Founded in 1070 AD, Bergen is steeped in history and still retains a great deal of its charm and character. With its colourful wharfs and cobblestone alleyways there’s plenty to see and do before you set sail.

Once onboard, it’s time to kick back, relax and take in the spectacular landscape as we sail north from Bergen along the Viking route of Hjeltefjord.

Hurtigruten guides are onboard several of the ships and guests are welcome to join them for lectures, activities or hikes during the many port stays. Talk to us if you’d like to know more about optional excursions or activities.

Day 5: Day 5 - Florø - Molde

The Natural World at your Fingertips

Enjoy early morning in the breath taking Nordfjord as we sail past West Cape to Molde, an attractive coastal town with an amazing view of no less than 222 mountain peaks across the fjord. En route, we stop off at Ålesund. Renowned for its Art Nouveau architecture and the famed Atlanterhavsparken aquarium, Ålesund is a City to behold.

In the autumn we set sail for the Suhnnmøre Alps to explore Hjørundfjord. The fjord’s pristine natural landscape of steep rock walls, lush green meadows, lonely mountain farms and tiny villages is quite simply, unforgettable.

Day 6: Day 6 - Kristiansund - Rørvik

Where Old meets New

Home to Norway’s only gothic cathedral and the burial place of St Olav, Trondheim, founded by Viking King Olav Tryggvason in 997, is a unique mix of the ancient and modern. However you decide to explore – cycle, tram or even kayak on the river Nid, you’ll certainly delight in what this City has to offer. And for the more adventurous, don’t forget our Hurtigruten guides are on hand for a guided hike of the area.

Day 7: Day 7 - Brønnøysund - Svolvær

The Arctic awaits!

Join us on deck for the Arctic Circle ceremony as we cross the Arctic Circle on course, to Ørnes the site of Norway’s second-largest glacier known as Svartisen. Our course takes us along the beautiful, meandering Helgeland coast. Home to thousands of islands, bird colonies, naturally steep mountains and troll legends, the coastline is often cited as one of the most enjoyable parts of the route.

As we head towards Bodø, you will be given the opportunity (by small boat) to experience the Saltstraumen Maelstrom, one of Norway’s more unusual natural occurrences. Guaranteed to occur four times every 24 hours, the tides cause one fjord to drain into another, creating the equivalent of a maelstrom at sea.

Day 8: Day 8 - Stokmarknes - Skjervøy

Following our Polar Heroes

A busy but exciting day, the ship docks briefly at Risøyhamn, Harstad and Finnsnes before docking for a prolonged stay at Tromsø. Dubbed the ‘Capital of the Arctic’, Tromsø is often described as the ‘Paris’ of the north. It really is something out of the ordinary and offers something for everyone.

Almost 400km north of the Arctic Circle, thanks to the Gulf Stream, it has a surprisingly moderate climate. Packed with snow and with the skies lit up by the northern lights, during the winter, it’s the perfect backdrop to enjoy sports such as skiing and dogsledding.

‘Back in the day’ it was the starting point for several Arctic expeditions – today the Polar Museum, set in a traditional wharf house dating back to the 1830s, recounts the polar history.

Day 9: Day 9 - Øksfjord - Berlevåg

The North Cape

Rising 307 meters above the Arctic Ocean stands the majestic North Cape, the northern tip of Europe, the heartland of the Sámi people and home to millions of birds during the nesting season.

Day 10: Day 10 - Båtsfjord - Berlevåg

The Russian Border

Kirkenes, located in the extreme north-eastern part of Norway and just a few kilometres from the Russian border is the final stop before the ship turns back for the return journey. The area around Kirkenes was a common Norwegian-Russian district until 1826 when the present border was settled. Although renamed Kirkenes after the Church that was built in 1862, there are still strong bonds and cultural influences from Russian today.

Kirkenes offers a wide range of classic winter activities but your trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to an Arctic Ice Dome. And as you head back on board, remember you’ve only seen half of Norway’s coastline. More delights await as the ship starts its voyage south for the return journey.

Day 11: Day 11 - Mehamn – Tromsø

Unrivalled Views

Fancy taking a snowmobile to hunt the Aurora? The ship docks at Mehamn at around midnight – just in time to join one of the trips. Or, if you prefer a bit more exercise, you can join a mini-mountain expedition in Hammerfest and learn about the local polar hero Adolf Lindstrøm.

Day 12: Day 12 - Tromsø – Stamsund

Quite Simply Nature At Its Best

The islands of Lofoten and Vesterålen, renowned for their steep mountains, sandy beaches, wild nature and picturesque fishing villages, offer some of the most natural and stunning scenery of the entire voyage.

After a short stop at Risøyhamn, we continue to Stokmarknes, where Hurtigruten was founded over 125 years ago. While we’re here, why not pop ashore and visit the Hurtigruten Museum? As we continue travelling south, prepare to be amazed as we sail into Trollfjord. Only 2km long and 100m wide, this dramatic landscape is surrounded by majestic mountains and has been the inspiration of many troll legends and fairy tales.

Day 13: Day 13 - Bodø – Rørvik

Crossing the Arctic Circle

Join us as we celebrate crossing the Arctic Circle in true Arctic tradition – a fun ceremony highlighted by a spoonful of Cod Liver Oil. Not for the faint hearted!

As we continue to sail, we reach the Helgeland coast. Peppered with mountains, it’s home to Torghatten and the Seven Sisters mountain ranges. Torghatten, famous for its 160m long, 35m high and 20m wide distinct hole was created during the Ice Age. The Seven Sisters mountain range though is the stuff of true legend. The story goes that seven beautiful troll sisters got caught out at sunrise and turned to stone creating the beautiful peaks known as the Seven Sisters mountain range.

If you fancy something completely different, why not enjoy the stop and go ashore when we reach Brønnøysund. With a charming high and marina, there’s plenty to explore in this pretty little town.

Day 14: Day 14 - Trondheim – Ålesund

Rich in History

Our penultimate day takes us once again to Trondheim, before moving on to Kristiansund, a city spread across four islands with a harbour that has been active since the Stone Age! Renowned for its centuries-old export of dried fish, today it is known as Norway’s ‘Cured Cod Capital’.

If you’re looking for something different, why not try an excursion to Bergtatt marble mine. Going inside the mountain, sailing across an illuminated subterranean lake and enjoying a meal in the mine’s ‘Grand Hall’, it’s one adventure you can’t afford to miss.

Day 15: Day 15 - Ålesund – Bergen

Bergen, Norway

We Bid You Farewell

You get to create some final and long-lasting memories, as you take in the rugged, island-studded coastline one last time, as navigate the mouth of the mighty Sognefjord before disembarking in Bergen.

What’s included

Included in your voyage:

  • Flights
  • Standard class Rail (Premium Class upgrade possible)
  • 2 nights Oslo (breakfast)
  • 1 night Flam (breakfast)
  • 11 nights Hurtigruten voyage (Full Board)

Onboard activities and lectures:

  • To give context to your trip and to help you understand the destinations that you will be experiencing, we deliver lectures and presentations on:
    • – History
    • – Biology
    • – Geography
    • – Geology
    • – Culture
  • Getting the most from your voyage:
    • – Photography tips and tricks
    • – Camera adjustment
  • Opportunities to mix and mingle, including:
    • – Welcome event
    • – Meet other guests
    • – Introductions from our tour guides
    • – Daily gatherings
    • – Opportunity to recap on the day
    • – Discuss and prepare for the following day
  • Port presentations
    • – All the insight you’ll need for the next destination
    • – Details of all of our excursion programmes
  • Captain’s dinner and farewell event
    • – All the insight you’ll need for the next destination
    • – Details of all of our excursion programmes

What’s not included in your voyage:

  • Flights and transfers
  • Travel insurance
  • Optional excursions
  • Luggage handling

Please Note:

  • All prices are capacity controlled and subject to availability
  • Not all categories are available for all departures
  • Single cabin pricing available on request

Life On-Board

The Hurtigruten line was originally launched to transport people and goods along the coast of Norway. It was particularly prevalent in winter when infrastructure was still in its infancy and land travel was generally more difficult. Even though there are now alternative means of transport, the Hurtigruten line still runs, calling at 34 ports along the Norwegian coastline.

They are though, not traditional cruise ships and life on board a Hurtigruten ship is vastly different to what you might expect onboard a traditional cruise liner and offers less in terms of entertainment. However, as a majority of their ships are much smaller than traditional cruise ships (150 – 500 passengers as opposed to 1000s) it means that they can enter the fjords in both winter and summer. And because they stop at so many ports, you will get to see more of the Norwegian coastline as opposed to just the ‘highlights’.

They also don’t fall short when it comes to comfort and amenities. The cabins are all elegantly furnished with a choice of cabin to suit all budgets. One of the most popular ships, the MS Polarlys, was refurbished in 2016. Featuring a modern, Arctic-inspired interior, there are three restaurants offering a range of different cuisine, a Multe bakery and ice cream bar, a sauna and fitness room. On deck you can while the time away and take in the view from one of the two hot tubs, or if you prefer, enjoy a drink at the bar at the front of the ship.

But Hurtigruten really does come into its own with its on-board Expedition team. Passionate and experienced about all things ‘Norwegian’, the team host lectures, presentation programmes and activities on a regular basis.

Features at a glance:

  • Expedition Team
  • Three restaurants
  • Multe bakery and ice cream bar
  • Explorer bar lounge
  • Wi-Fi
  • Sauna
  • Hot tubs
  • Fitness room
  • Conference room
  • Lift
  • Car deck

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