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8 Reasons to Love the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi coast in Italy is truly stunning! The views as you travel around the area are breath taking so it is no surprise it such a popular destination. The best time to visit here is between the May-June and September-October when the heat is not as sweltering as in the summer months. The area has everything to offer from some of the best restaurants in Italy, plenty of shopping and sightseeing to relaxing on beaches. There is something for everyone to do. We at Suitcase Travel have found our top 8 reasons to love the Amalfi coast.

1. We would definitely recommend hiring a car so you can explore what the coast has to offer as much as possible. The views from driving around the coast are spectacular. Beware of the cliffs though, they can be quite high giving you those spectacular views.ravello

2. Suitcase Travel recommends staying in Conca dei Marini as it is in a great location. It is only 10 minutes’ drive from Amalfi and 30 minutes from Positano, which are the two most popular destinations in the area. At Conca dei Marini, there are fewer tourists here but plenty of tasty local restaurants to choose from without the tourist prices. Our choice of hotel is the Il Saraceno Hotel.

3. For the best views, visit Ravello that sits high in the hills on the Amalfi coast. With its stupendous views, it is no wonder it is a tourist hot spot but please don’t let the tourists put you off as the views makes it all worthwhile. Ravello is also known for its beautiful gardens and its former bohemian residents such as Wagner, Virginia Woolf and DH Lawrence.

lemons4. You will try some of the best Limoncello here. Lemons and olives grow on the trees all around so trying out some Limoncello is a must. You’ll want to bring it all back with you.

5. We all love Italian food and the Amalfi coast will not disappoint. The area also has some of the best Italian seafood dishes you can find. If you’re not usually a fan of seafood, don’t be afraid to try something different as the food cooked here may change your mind. A great restaurant is Ristorante Risorgimento that is in the area of Conca dei Marini.

6. For those who like to relax on the beach, visit Furore and Duoglio beaches. Furore is a small village where the houses are painted. It also has a small beach at the bottom of the village, perfect for those who like a quiet beach. For Duoglio beach, you need to be fairly healthy to reach this beach as there are 400 steps in order to get here. However, it is compensated by the beauty of this beach with some of the cleanest water you will ever experience. If you like water sports, you can rent equipment for wind surfing, scuba diving and canoeing here.sorrento street

7. For a bit of shopping, Sorrento is a must! You will be spoiled for choice on the souvenirs in Sorrento, which aren’t the usual ‘kind you often find in souvenir shops as these are a cut above the norm. There are also lots to see such as the port, the cathedral Basilica di Sant’Antonino and the Museo Correale before wandering around the streets for a bit of shopping.

8. You may even want to stay a night in Naples as this is where many people fly in and out off when visiting the Amalfi coast. Naples is where pizza originates from so it’s the perfect excuse to indulge on one. It’s a well-known fact that you won’t find a better one anywhere else! Our favourite place is Pizzeria Trianon.

If you are thinking of somewhere new to go to next year, the Amalfi coast is ideal. It has something for everyone and it will be a trip you won’t forget! Contact us today for more information.

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