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Why Small Group Tours Can Be The Best Way To Explore Somewhere New

The world is a really big place and we all like the idea of exploring as much of it as we can. Doing so in an escorted tour means you don’t have to worry about the logistics and make the most of your time having fun. Whether you are doing so as a couple, with your family or your best friend or travelling solo, doing it in a small group escorted tour can sometimes be the best way to do so. Here are Suitcase Travel’s top reasons as to why.

Young Or Old, Families Or Honeymoon Couples – The Tours Are For Everyone

We have a wide variety of customers walking through our door each day seeking something different for their next holiday. Some might be youngsters looking at tours as part of their year out travelling the world. Some are people who are now retired and want to start ticking off their bucket list. There are honeymoon couples that want to do something different to their usual holiday that is worthy for Facebook and Instagram.  We even have people searching for a family holiday that offers more activities that create cherished memories for both the children and parents compared to the usual week or two on the beach. A small group escorted tour is just the thing for everyone.

More Variety In The Tours Available

Being in a smaller group means you can see and do more that larger groups can’t do meaning there is more variety in the tours available. There are some places and activities that are too small for a large group to squeeze in for example you can’t do Machu Pichu in a large group. It also means that with a smaller group, there is more flexibility on what can be done as part of the holiday.

It Can Still Feel Like You Are Travelling Independently

The smaller group tours tend to allow you more free time to go and do some further sight seeing by yourself as well as to hunt for the best food spots. They create the perfect balance between the important ‘you’ time as well as the important ‘group social’ time. All of this allows you to adapt the holiday to how you want it without the stress of organising the main itinerary.

More Choice In Accommodation

Some people may only want to stay in hotels, which is totally fine, but some people enjoy immersing themselves a bit more in local society and therefore like the idea of staying somewhere a little different for part of their holiday. Whether this is in a home stay, a lodge, boutique hotels or authentic B&Bs style of accommodation to name a few, being in a smaller group gives each person the chance to enjoy somewhere a little different to rest their head at night.  

They Offer Superb Value

Seeing a country in an escorted group tour can offer you amazing value without ruining the experience and by being part of a small group can even improve your holiday.

Creating Lifelong Friends

We all like to make new friends and what better way is there than whilst enjoying the same experiences with like-minded people? If you are travelling on your own, it can be daunting to do it all by yourself as well as being part of a large group. Small group tours offer the best of both worlds – you won’t be on your own but you won’t be intimidated by being on your own in a large group of people. Also, 99% of the time, you will not be the only solo traveller on that holiday.

Get The Best Out Of Your Tour Leader

 By being in a smaller group, you get to know your leader more and they get to know you more. As a result, they can give each person in the group individual tips to make it the best holiday possible. Whether that is pointing out the best local restaurant or the secret spot to get the best views or the best market to dive in. Whatever you want, the tour leader will know how to do it.

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