Sri Lanka: Hike, Bike & Kayak


Ride through tea plantations, kayak down rivers, and hike to ancient fortresses on this fitness focused adventure from Negombo to Colombo. Sri Lanka is one of Asia’s most exciting destinations and it’s not hard to see why. With pristine coastline, ancient ruins, rugged peaks and wildlife-filled national parks, it’s a dream for travellers who like to get active. Explore the country’s premier sites while wandering through the wilds on this Sri Lankan experience.




START : Negombo

END : Mt Lavinia


Validity : 01 JAN 2020 To 31 DEC 2022

Day :1

Location : Negombo

Ayu-bowan! Welcome to Sri Lanka. Your adventure begins in the town of Negombo, located close to the international airport. You can arrive at any time on Day 1 as there are no activities planned until the important welcome meeting at 5.30 pm. Those arriving early can get into the spirit of seaside Sri Lanka by observing the local fishing craft and perhaps feasting on fresh seafood. The beautiful surrounding countryside is best explored on a bicycle, which you can rent with help from the hotel reception.

Day :2

Location : Sigiriya

Travel by private vehicle (4.5 hours) to Sigiriya, and check into your accommodation. Once the evening rolls in, head out to the Minneriya National Park for a jeep safari. The park plays home to a mix of evergreen forest and scrublands, not to mention the sambar deer, leopards and elephants that can often be spotted roaming the wilds.

Day :3

Location : Knuckles Mountain Range (Hike)

Sigiriya is an ancient carved-rock fortress that rises dramatically above the surrounding plains. The near vertical walls elevate the ancient city of Sigiriya high into the air, keeping the secrets of the Kassapa Kingdom inaccessible save for a rigorous climb along steep staircases. Your visit begins early, at 7am, to beat the heat of the day, reaching Lion Paw’s Terrace by 8:30am. On the way you’ll visit the water and boulder gardens, frescoes and the mirror wall. The next section of the climb takes approximately 30mins along steep walkways and steps. You can opt out of this section, resting at Lion’s Paw Terrace. Afterwards, transfer onward to Illukkumbura. From here, take a half-day walk through the Knuckles Mountain Range, named because the peaks and folds resemble a clenched fist when viewed from certain angles. The trek goes from Brew Junction to Weddapani Ella, crossing Thelgamu Oya, reaching your campsite by approximately 5:30pm. More than 34 per cent of Sri Lanka’s endemic trees, shrubs and herbs are only found in these forests, so keep an eye out for these various plants as you push along the trail.

Day :4

Location : Knuckles Mountain Range (Hike)

Today you’ll head out on a rigorous full day trek, the Manigala Trek, through the Knuckles region. Head out after breakfast and wind your way through forests and hillsides, perhaps stopping at villages along the way. Enjoy lunch by the river and climb Manigala Rock where views of the valley below and adjacent peaks await.

Day :5

Location : Kandy (Hike)

Start your day with a morning hike to Mini World’s End (approximately 3 hours), before transferring to Kandy (approximately 2 hours). Lying in the hills of the Kandy plateau, this major city previously served as the last capital of the ancient kings’ era of Sri Lanka. Spend the rest of the day relaxing here – maybe find a spot by the scenic lake in the centre of town and while away the afternoon.

Day :6

Location : Kandy

Today we visit the golden roofed Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. Housed inside, the relic of the tooth of the Buddha has played an important role in local politics due to the belief that whoever holds the relic holds governance of the country. It’s because of both the temple and Kandy’s status as the last city of the Sri Lankan Kings that Kandy stands as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Afterwards, enjoy the rest of the day with free exploration of the city.

Day :7

Location : Hatton (Bike)

Take a scenic train journey to Hatton today (approximately 3 hours). After arriving, cycle from the train station to your hotel via Norton Bridge. Enjoy the passing scenery of vast tea estates lying in the flowing hills, dotted with trees. After arriving at your hotel, you can choose to hike up to Adam’s Peak. The peak is often visited by pilgrims who climb a candle lit trail in the evening, passing shrines and food stalls along the way.

Day :8

Location : Ratnapura (Bike)

After breakfast it’s back on your mountain bike to ride from the hotel to Ellarawa Junction, passing through Bogawantalawa and Balangoda, cycling through the rich forests and sprawling fields of rural Sri Lanka. Your cycling will be broken up with snack breaks and a lunch break, providing plenty of fuel for your ride. At the end of your ride, transfer to Ratnapura, the bustling capital of the Sabaragamuwa Province, where you’ll spend the night.

Day :9

Location : Kaluganga River (Kayak)

Wake up in the morning and stretch those arm muscles as you prepare for a big day of kayaking along the Kaluganga River, meaning Black River in Sinhalese language. The Kaluganga stretches an impressive 129 kilometres (80 miles) in length, reaching through many of Sri Lanka’s districts and provinces. As a result, the landscape and vegetation next to the river shifts the further you paddle along the river, listening out for bird calls as you quietly drift on. Stop off at a local village where you'll camp for the night.

Day :10

Location : Kaluganga River (Kayak)

Continue your kayaking journey down the Kaluganga River, heading off after breakfast and arriving at your next campsite, in Anguruwatota, by 1:30pm. Enjoy the changing scenery and wildlife along the riverbanks as you paddle onwards.

Day :11

Location : Mt Lavinia (Kayak)

Depart your campsite after breakfast and set out on the final leg of your kayak adventure, arriving at Kalutara, where the river meets the sea, at approximately 11am. Once an important trading centre for spices, the town’s name is derived from the Kaluganga River and was temporarily made the capital by order of a South Indian prince. After a little bit of time looking over the beautiful beaches, board your private vehicle and depart to Mount Lavinia (approximately 1 hour).

Day :12

Location : Mt Lavinia

Located 15 kilometres (9 miles) from the Colombo city centre, Mount Lavinia is a suburb renowned for its “Golden Mile” of beaches. It’s one of the most liberal areas of Sri Lanka and plays host to the island’s annual Gay Pride and Rainbow Kite festival since 2005. With a free day to relax on the beach, wash yourself off after a big haul of physical exercise and calm your muscles down. Consider taking on an optional yoga class to knock off any extra tension, or even say goodbye to your fellow adventurers over a group meal, if you choose to do so.

Day :13

Location : Mt Lavinia

Today marks the end of your adventure and there are no activities scheduled after breakfast.

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Sri Lanka: Hike, Bike & Kayak

  • Witness ritual devotion in the spiritual heart of the country during a visit to Kandy’s Temple of the Tooth.
  • Spot birdlife and watch as Sri Lanka's forested landscape shifts with the flow of the Kaluganga River on a three-day kayaking expedition.
  • Encounter Sri Lanka's rich plant life while hiking through the Knuckles Mountain Range, so named for it's fist-like appearance.
  • Soothe sore muscles while relaxing on Mt Lavinia's 'Golden Mile' of incredible beaches.
  • Visit Sigiriya's ancient carved-rock fortress, which rises dramatically above the surrounding plains.
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