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Highlights of Antarctica – 12 days

Experienced in cruising the Antarctic, we’ve put together an advanced expedition cruise. Sailing in the newly built, MS Fridtjof Nansen, we will be undertaking a mix of landings and ice cruising as well as optional adventures, such as kayaking, glacier walks, hiking and camping. The MS Fridtjof Nansen is custom built. Complete with a battery hybrid powered propulsion system, she is a revolutionary expedition ship. At the core of the ship is the Nansen Science Centre, an ‘edutainment’ area for both guests and crew to meet and gain a deeper understanding of the waters and areas that we explore.

Marvel at the massive glaciers, icebergs and polar landscape and learn more about the diverse wildlife that make this inhospitable habitat their home.

Antarctica – The Coldest, Windiest and Driest Continent

The site of the South Pole and the southernmost continent, Antarctica, is an ice-covered landmass and is made up of 98% solid ice. Surrounded by the Southern Ocean and at 5,500,00 square miles it is the fifth-largest continent and is nearly twice the size of Australia. Inhospitable, vast and impressive, it promises to be an indescribable experience quite like no other.

Explore the amazing scenery and wonder at the unspoilt wilderness as you follow in the footsteps of the early adventurers. Our voyage promises 12 days of action-packed adventure.

  • Experience ice-cruising and landings
  • See the abundance of diverse wildlife that this extreme continent has to offer
  • Hike, camp and kayak in unforgettable landscapes
  • Get up close and personal with the powerful beauty of Antarctica

Day 1: Day 1 - Buenos Aires

The Birthplace of Tango

Buenos Aires, the vibrant and bustling capital of Argentina is the starting point for our expedition. An overnight stay gives you the chance to acquaint yourself and explore this lively city.

Day 2: Day 2 - Buenos Aires / Ushuaia

Tierra del Feugo

An early morning flight to Ushuaia gives you some time to experience this beautiful city before boarding our ship, MS Fridtjof Nansen.

There is also the opportunity to take advantage of an optional excursion to Tierra del Feugo National Park. Created in 1960, the park covers some 68,909 hectares and combines marine, wood and mountain environments. It promises the most unusual scenery and the purest air ever found.

Day 3: Days 3-4 - The Drake Passage

Following in the Great Explorers Footsteps

Drake Passage, named after Sir Francis Drake during his circumnavigation, is the body of water between South America’s Cape Horn, Chile and the South Shetland islands of Antarctica. Our Expedition Team will be on hand to impart their knowledge of the environment and to prepare you to meet Antarctica as we cross the famed Passage.

Day 4: Days 5-9 - Antarctica

The Most Remote Area on Earth

A vast cold-water current encloses this isolated continent, making it quite different from anywhere else on the planet. Haunting, yet teeming with wildlife, it’s dedicated to science and peace. Covered almost entirely in ice, it’s the coldest place on earth, yet it only receives 166mm of rainfall annually.

From the deck there will be ample opportunities to see whales and seals. As you go onshore, you’ll be able to explore this spectacular land and encounter the charming penguins that litter the ice.

Working with the elements we aim to land on the South Shetland Islands and on the Antarctic Peninsula. Diverse and serene, you will have the opportunity to observe penguin colonies, seals and whales as well as glaciers and icebergs in their full glory.

Our activities are varied and exciting. As well as trips to whaling and scientific stations, we will be cruising amid the sea ice scouting for seals. You will also have the opportunity to go kayaking among the icebergs or walking amongst the glaciers.

Day 5: Days 10-11 - The Drake Passage

Following in the Great Explorers Footsteps

Drake Passage, named after Sir Francis Drake during his circumnavigation, is the body of water between South America’s Cape Horn, Chile and the South Shetland islands of Antarctica. Our Expedition Team will be on hand to impart their knowledge of the environment and to prepare you to meet Antarctica as we cross the famed Passage.

Day 6: Day 12 - Ushuaia / Buenos Aires

The Journey’s End

Your cruise ends where it started, in Ushuaia, where you’ll fly back to Buenos Aires. We’re sure you will have enjoyed every minute of this exhilarating adventure and will be taking away a host of new memories.

What’s included

Included in your voyage:

  • Return economy flights from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia
  • Transfer hotel to airport in Buenos Aires
  • Transfers in Ushuaia including an orientation tour
  • One hotel night in Buenos Aires before the voyage including breakfast
  • Hurtigruten Expedition cruise in cabin grade of your choice
  • A rich programme of included activities designed to immerse you in the destinations you will visit, including ice-cruising and onshore exploration with the Expedition Team
  • Professional hand-picked English-speaking Expedition Team experienced in the region we sail in
  • Complimentary wind and water-resistant jacket
  • Loan of boots, trekking poles and equipment needed for optional and included activities
  • All meals including beverages (ship beer and wine, sodas and mineral water in all restaurants)
  • Fredheim restaurant meals included
  • A la carte restaurant (for suite guests only)
  • Coffee and tea throughout the day
  • Early riser and afternoon treat offered in addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Rejuvenating wellness areas with separate treatment rooms, infinity pool, outdoor gym and running track
  • Gym, hot tubs and panoramic sauna

Engaging onboard activities and education:

  • In-depth lectures on science, history, biology, geography, geology or culture providing context to your voyage and helping you to understand the destinations you will experience
  • Explorer Science programme, with educational and Citizen Science activities – learn about the sights you’ll see while contributing to research
  • Introduction photo lecture, camera adjustment and tips and tricks, photo and film footage from the voyage shared in an Expedition logbook
  • Casual opportunities to engage with the Expedition Team and other guests, including a welcome event, daily gathers to recap the day and prepare for the day to come
  • Opportunities to dine and interact with the Expedition Team and officers
  • Destination-focused onboard library
  • Port presentations providing destination insight
  • A farewell event

What’s not included in your voyage:

  • International flights
  • Optional shore excursions with local partners
  • Optional small group adventures with our Expedition Team such as kayaking, camping, glacier walks, long hikes
  • Optional small-group Explorer photo programme with our Expedition Photographer
  • Travel insurance
  • Luggage handling

Please Note:

  • All planned activities are subject to weather and ice conditions
  • It is essential to complete a medical questionnaire

Life On Board

The Hurtigruten line was originally launched to transport people and goods along the coast of Norway. It was particularly prevalent in winter when infrastructure was still in its infancy and land travel was generally more difficult. Even though there are now alternative means of transport, the Hurtigruten line still runs, calling at 34 ports along the Norwegian coastline.

They are though, not traditional cruise ships and life on board a Hurtigruten ship is vastly different to what you might expect onboard a traditional cruise liner and offers less in terms of entertainment. However, as a majority of their ships are much smaller than traditional cruise ships (150 – 500 passengers as opposed to 1000s) it means that they can enter the fjords in both winter and summer. And because they stop at so many ports, you will get to see more of the Norwegian coastline as opposed to just the ‘highlights’.

They also don’t fall short when it comes to comfort and amenities. The cabins are all elegantly furnished with a choice of cabin to suit all budgets. One of the most popular ships, the MS Polarlys, was refurbished in 2016. Featuring a modern, Arctic-inspired interior, there are three restaurants offering a range of different cuisine, a Multe bakery and ice cream bar, a sauna and fitness room. On deck you can while the time away and take in the view from one of the two hot tubs, or if you prefer, enjoy a drink at the bar at the front of the ship.

But Hurtigruten really does come into its own with its on-board Expedition team. Passionate and experienced about all things ‘Norwegian’, the team host lectures, presentation programmes and activities on a regular basis.

Features at a glance:

  • Expedition Team
  • Three restaurants
  • Multe bakery and ice cream bar
  • Explorer bar lounge
  • Wi-Fi
  • Sauna
  • Hot tubs
  • Fitness room
  • Conference room
  • Lift
  • Car deck

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