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007 Locations

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I was 12 years of age when I saw my first Bond film. I was invited with a few others to join our school friend’s birthday treat to see Diamonds Are Forever. I had never seen a film like this and being such an impressionable age in the early 70’s, I was asking myself wow, who is this man? Are there really men like this with an authorised license to kill? – I was hooked and my love for both films and books started.

My favourite Bond is Connery (Craig a close 2nd), My favourite film (though worst Bond actor) is On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and favourite book and film soundtrack is Live and Let Die.

What are yours?

When it comes to Bond Films the destinations are as key to the entertainment as much as the cars and villains. The new film No Time to Die has some of the most dramatic locations that make a great holiday and Suitcase has put a few ideas together:


Jamaica features in a number of Bond films and is where Ian Fleming had written all his books. He had purchased a small estate and built a villa which he named GoldenEye. The estate has now become a luxury boutique hotel. Read more about holidaying here

GoldenEye Resort - Jamaica

Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are a North Atlantic archipelago located 320 kilometres (200 mi) north-northwest of Scotland, and about halfway between Norway and Iceland. It is an autonomous territory of the Kingdom of Denmark. In the film this stunning scenery is used as the base for the Bond villain Safin on the island of Kalsoy. Read more about holidaying here 

Faroe Islands

Matera Italy

Perhaps the most striking location in the film, this designated UNESCO world heritage site sees Bond car chasing in the narrow streets. Once the “shame of Italy” due to it poverty-stricken residents and political opponents forced to live in cave dwellings, Matera has had a renaissance in recent times. The cave dwellings also featured in the film have been extensively renovated with some parts turned into boutique luxury hotels making this a splendid area to holiday, Read more about holidaying here

Aquatio Cave Aquatio Cave - restaurant

Norway Atlantic Coast

The backdrops of a Bond film are a must as much as an exhilarating Car chase. In the film both are found together on Norway’s Atlantic Coast with its winding roads and bridges. You can follow Bonds route in a more leisurely fashion with this 6 day Fly-Drive

Atlantic Road - Norway

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